Workarounds for Clipping Web Pages into Evernote on iOS

Apple’s Mobile Safari browser doesn’t current support extensions or add-ons, so there isn’t currently a native Evernote Web Clipper for this browser. There are, however, a couple of other ways to clip content into your Evernote account using your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. Note, though, that these are workarounds and are not officially supported.

Manually installing the bookmarklet Web Clipper is possible, but requires a few steps and isn’t terribly simple. That said, follow these steps to install the bookmarklet Web Clipper in Mobile Safari:

  • Create a new bookmark in Moble Safari by tapping the action button, then Add Bookmark.
  • Change the name of the bookmark to “Clip to Evernote”, then press Save.
  • Visit this page in Mobile Safari and copy all of the text.
  • Tap the Bookmarks icon in the lower toolbar in Mobile Safari. When the list of bookmarks appears, tap Edit, then tap Clip to Evernote. Paste the text copied in the previous step into the URL field (below the title). When finished, it should look something like this:
  • Tap Done and, from now on, you can tap the Clip to Evernote bookmark in Mobile Safari to clip the current web page. Note that you’ll still need to login with your Evernote account and the various fields and controls in the clipper aren’t optimized for a mobile browser screen.

Clipping using the Evernote app is another common workaround. Here’s how to do it.

  • Grab the URL of a web page from Mobile Safari (or anywhere, really) and copy it to the system clipboard:
  • Paste the URL you just copied into a new note in Evernote:
  • Save the note, then reopen it and tap on the link you just pasted, which will open the web page within Evernote. From there, tap the action button and selec t “Clip to Evernote” to clip the web page into your Evernote account:

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