Making Noise with QR Codes and Chrome

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After reading, Monkey with a Tool belt and the Noisy Problem by Chris Monroe, students were engaged in a learning activity that focused on sounds. In the book, Chico can not figure out what is making the “Arooga Boom Boom Clang Clang” sound in his tree house. He sets out to find the sound and ends up finding an elephant stuck in his laundry shoot. Students loved the problem solving and the introduction of a new character. Clark the elephant got lost and landed in Chico’s tree house instead of Elsa’s.

The STEAM learning extension included content in making, music, art, technology and engineering. Third and fourth grade students used their Chromebooks to complete their projects. These classes created a sound using materials in the Maker Studio and recorded them on the app Mic Note. The process of going to the web store and adding an app to the drive was all part of the instruction. Students then learned how to export the sound and make the copied link shareable. This link was then placed in the QR code generator that they had downloaded. Once the QR code was generated, students copied the image and placed their finished product on the google doc located in the STEAM google classroom.

Once QR codes were printed and cut out, they were placed on Chico’s tree house. Understanding the purpose of listening and how sounds are all around us encouraged students to place the QR code according to what room in Chico’s house he might hear their particular sound.

Problem solving, learning new technology, creating and producing a product to share with the school at large was an exciting learning experience.

Lab Coat Day: “Ada Twist, Scientist” by Andrea Beaty

When Everyone Wears a Lab Coat…. Everyone Feels Like a Scientist!

Thank You Andrea Beaty for giving us, ADA TWIST, SCIENTIST!

Last year, we introduced students to the author Andrea Beaty. Her books, Rosie Revere, Engineer and Iggy Peck, Architect were a focus in literacy and making for our school year (2015-2016).  Students were exposed to a real Rosie and learned all about architects and engineers. At the end, our students participated in a SKYPE with Ms. Beaty. During our SKYPE session she revealed the release of her new book! ADA TWIST, SCIENTIST.

Lesson Plan Here

This book was a HIT with students. Rosie and Iggy joined us for a day in the science lab. ┬áStudents in grades k-4 participated in a reading of the book along with a science activity that Ada performs in her classroom with Ms. Lila Greer. “What is that smell?” was the question Ada was trying to solve. Watch and see the engagement and excitement of scientists in the making.