What Are You Pursuing?

I recently listen to a speaker talk on Pursuing the Prize.  He gave 6 key steps to Pursuing the Prize listed below.

1.  Pursue a better condition – one can not seek or find the purpose/vision if the condition/environment is not postive and conducive to learning/growing.  One needs to surround themselves with people they trust.  When you find that “better condition,” you create a community of connected educators.

2.  Pursue with maxium effort – Seek and risk-take…put your all into the goal/vision.  It takes as much effort to “half do” something as it does to give 100%.  Half full or half empty?

3.  Focused Concentration – “Fix Your Eyes” on the goal… the goal is the key.  What are the step needed to reach the goal.  How will you get there?  Who will help you?  Do you need buy in?  Can you state the purpose and reason for the goal?

4.  Know what your motivation is (why are you doing this, what is the purpose?) –  Motivation must come from within…this is healthy.  Knowing the purpose and cause will make the goal easier to keep the focus. 

5.  You can’t do it alone – Surround yourself with positive people.  You need a community of like-believers and support.

6.  Stay the course – Don’t give up!

What are you PURSUING?