What Are You Pursuing?

I recently listen to a speaker talk on Pursuing the Prize.  He gave 6 key steps to Pursuing the Prize listed below.

1.  Pursue a better condition – one can not seek or find the purpose/vision if the condition/environment is not postive and conducive to learning/growing.  One needs to surround themselves with people they trust.  When you find that “better condition,” you create a community of connected educators.

2.  Pursue with maxium effort – Seek and risk-take…put your all into the goal/vision.  It takes as much effort to “half do” something as it does to give 100%.  Half full or half empty?

3.  Focused Concentration – “Fix Your Eyes” on the goal… the goal is the key.  What are the step needed to reach the goal.  How will you get there?  Who will help you?  Do you need buy in?  Can you state the purpose and reason for the goal?

4.  Know what your motivation is (why are you doing this, what is the purpose?) –  Motivation must come from within…this is healthy.  Knowing the purpose and cause will make the goal easier to keep the focus. 

5.  You can’t do it alone – Surround yourself with positive people.  You need a community of like-believers and support.

6.  Stay the course – Don’t give up!

What are you PURSUING?

Leave a Legacy…

Leave a legacy…

 I think it’s human nature to wonder what people think about us. In fact, I would say at times we spend way too much time wondering what people will think as a result of something we said or did. Consequently, our actions are led not only by our personal beliefs and philosophies, but also by the perceived responses others might have…

As educators, I believe acknowledging what others think is a vital part of the self-reflective journey to always improve and get better. I think it’s also important to note that what others think should not be the driving force behind what we say and do; it’s merely a piece of the whole puzzle.

Wouldn’t it be nice to leave a positive legacy that will not only be remembered, but will serve as an inspiration and motivation for others for years to come?

What will your legacy be? For what will you be remembered?

Will your legacy be a legacy of treating others respectfully, fairly and individually?

Will your legacy be a legacy of trust and tolerance to the needs of others?

Will your legacy be a legacy of shared, collective and collaborative approaches toward improvement?

Will your legacy be a legacy of sincerity, selflessness and reliability?

Will your legacy be a legacy of humility and acceptance of failure as a means toward growth?

Will your legacy be a legacy of flexibility, enthusiasm and energy?

Will your legacy be a legacy of courage, strength and vision toward shared aspirations?

Will your legacy be a legacy of helping and serving others so they can achieve their goals?

Regardless of your profession or position in education, you have the luxury of developing and refining your legacy on a daily basis. Your legacy is in your hands and whether you realize it or not, people all around you are taking notice of what you are doing, or not doing…

What kind of legacy are you leaving…?

This was found via Twitter…can’t remember the resource.