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MinecraftEdu is a school-ready remix of the original block-building game, Minecraft.  MinecraftEdu provides products and services that make it easy for educators to use Minecraft in the classroom. MinecraftEdu contains many additions to the original game that make it more useful and appropriate in a school setting. A cloud-based solution for hosting Minecraft classroom servers is also an option.  This allows students and teachers access to connect and play together.  MinecraftEdu hosts a library of worlds, lessons, and activities that are available for free.

MinecraftEdu is a great tool that supports STEAM.  There are ready made maps that support Science, Technology (ComputcraftEdu), Enginnering (students build and create), Art, and Math.  Students can:

  1.  Explore Real Lift Buildings (Roman Coliseum, Globe Theatre, Schools, Football Stadiums, and many other structures/bridges)
  2.  Creation and Engineering (Building with an Engineer Mindset)
  3.  Practice Ratio, Proportion, Arrays, Fractions (The building of scale models allows students to practice measurement/proportion standards)
  4.  Visualization and Reading Comprehension (Reconstruct various setting from texts)
  5.  Reconstruct Books in a magical world (Seusscraft)
  6.  Coding (ComputerEdu) IF/THEN books (If You Give and Turtle a Remote in Minecraft)
  7.  Art (MC Edits)
  8.  Geometry Challenges
  9.  Minecraft Beginner Resources
  10.  Problem-Solving
  11.  Writing (Create your own stories)
  12.  Pixelation with math and gaming
  13.  Fairy Tales (Building The Three Little Pigs houses in Minecraft and retelling the story through Custom NPCs mod)

Other Articles For Reading:

Edutopia: Edutopia gives some great ideas for using Minecraft in the classroom.Gamespot: Gamespot has a great article explaining why Minecraft could be a valuable tool in the classroom.

How to Use Minecraft in Education: This site has an interview and podcast discussing the use of Minecraft in the classroom.

Learn, Teach, Repeat: This teacher wrote a blog after I asked for feedback from teachers to help submit questions about Minecraft in the classroom. Thanks Joe!

Minecraft at NCS: This teacher provides troubleshooting for users and gives ideas on how to run Minecraft more smoothly in the classroom.

Minecraft Across the Curriculum: This site will give ideas language arts, drama, music, visual arts, science, geography and history.

Minecraft Possibilities: This teacher provides some depth about plugins necessary to run Minecraft. Thanks John!

MindShift: This is another great article emphasizing how teachers use Minecraft for educational purposes.

Minecraft Wiki: This is a helpful guide for using Minecraft in the classroom for educational purposes.

Mojang and UN: This site discusses how Minecraft is used to plan communities.

Mr. Miller’s Classroom: Minecrafting a Medieval Village

Primary Minecraft: This site was set up by an elementary teacher and a Minecraft fan to provide ideas for primary grades.

Swedish School: A Swedish school has made a class in Minecraft mandatory. They mention the following lessons learned: City planning; environmental issues; planning for the future; interactivity; safe online habits; computer skills.

Curriculum  Worlds – This site has great curriculum lessons for students at home or school.

Wes Fryer Resources
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