Saving Mr. Banks

I recently went to see the movie Saving Mr. Banks.  I did a some reading prior to watching the movie and the movie is full of  life lessons.  Below is just a few that I reflected on over the weekend.

  1. The Influence Of A Father – The greatest influence in a person’s life is their father.  Whether present or not, good or bad, no one puts a greater imprint on person’s life.  A Father is the great protector and provider.
  2. The Mind Of A Creative – As Travers went through the creative process, her mind continually processed things at a deep and emotional level.  So many times, those people who process things in a creative manner or “outside of the box” thinking have no where to put their thoughts.  They trust no one with those personal pieces nor do they think anyone will really understand them or really her their REAL VOICE.
  3. The Power Of Collaboration – Though she was often an overwhelming challenge for the Disney staff, Travers’s contributions to the film helped make it the classic it is.u
  4. “The rain brings life.”  ”So does the sun.” – This exchange between Travers and Ralph shows the different views of the world leaders have.  Very interest to reflect on.
  5. Leaders Are Humble – Travers tells the Disney staff upon meeting them, “No one likes a show-off.”  We live in such a ME (All About ME) society that no one likes a person that shares information about their success etc.
  6. Great Leaders Break Down Walls, Build Bridges And Are Approachable – Walt Disney only allowed people to call him by his first name.
  7. Great Leaders Are Great Stewards And Place High Value On What They Have Been Entrusted With – While trying to get Travers to sign over the rights of Mary Poppins, Disney ensure her, “The last thing I would do is tarnish a story I love.”  Trust is a huge part of life.  Success, relationships, and leadership revolves around trusting others.
  8. People Need Simplicity Rather Than Complexity – While driving to the Disney Studios, Travers notices no one walking on the streets during a beautiful Southern California day.  Ralph responds, “A leisurely stroll is a gift.””
  9. Great Leaders Place The Mission Of Their Organization Above Their Personal Preferences – When Ms. Travers demanded no red colors in the movies, Disney relented because the making of the film and telling of the story was more important.  A Drumline leader hears the beat of the drumline NOT his beat.
  10. Great Leaders Make Things That Are Lasting – When watching one of the rehearsal scenes, Disney remarked, “Forget ironic.  It’s iconic.”  Great leaders make things which become soundtracks to our lives.  Creation and Innovation are important in today’s society.  It is OK to be different, to create something new.
  11. Great Leaders Think Long-Term – Many leaders look for the quick buck when the long-term impact of their idea is beyond their wildest dreams.  When Disney was tempted to sell the rights to Mickey Mouse earlier in his life, he decided against it because “the mouse is family”.  Can you imagine how the world would have been different if he did.
  12. The Power Of StoryTelling – Disney reminds us, “That’s what story tellers do.  We restore order to imagination.  We bring hope.”
  13. Honor Your Father – The story of Mary Poppins is of a daughter wanting to bring honor to her deeply-flawed father.  Many of us could learn lessons from her on doing the same.
  14. We all have a SAVING MR. BANKS and it is ok. 
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