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Google Forms is a great free service provided by Google.  It has a huge potential in education for both teachers and students.   Google Forms are very easy to use and create.  It is automatically built in Google Docs meaning it is completely web-based and does not require any software download.  (Unofficial Google Doc Guide on Amazon)

Teachers can use Google Forms and Docs  in EDMODO with students for collaboration and formative assessments.  Teachers can create Google Forms for parents as well for quick feed back, volunteer information, and sign-up lists.   For me, I love Google Forms for teacher evaluations/checklists and walk-throughs.  I love being able to send immediate feed-back to the teacher.

Check out this list of forms below and click on any title to access its corresponding form. The pictures you see below are only  half snapshots of each form:

1- Get to Know your Class

google forms
Use this form to collect information about your students such as their likes, dislikes, club affiliations, and many more.
This is a form ideal for use by students when studying linear narrative both written or visual. It basically compare a range of happiness to sadness against different points in a story or film.
google forms

As its name suggests , this form is great for use inside the classroom to test students spelling.

4- Comprehension Questions

google forms
This is a form that test students understanding of a text or anything thing else you want to test. It can be used for multiple purposes.
google forms
This is a form where students can provide data about their reading. It is like a reading diary that they can use to record informations about their readings.
google forms

This one of the easiest forms you can use with your students in the classroom to gather Maths data handling information.

7- Guided Reading Record

google forms
This is another awesome form to  record students reading assignments.
google forms
This is a form that can be used to assess what children already know about any given topic that you are beginning.
google forms

This form could be used to collect the children thoughts about what they read.

10- Learning Success

google forms
You can use this form to assess the relative success of the learning that has taken place during a single lesson or after a series of lessons on a topic.





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