Educational Power of Lego Brick

“Lego is a range of construction toys first created by Ole Kirk Christiansen in the 1940s in Denmark. Beginning as a set of stackable, interlocking blocks, Lego has evolved into the company‚Äôs global flagship product of colorful plastic pieces that can be assembled and re-assembled in infinite ways. The blocks are so popular with children that LEGO has designed educational products and curricula, and teachers are using them in their classrooms. ”

(The infographic below brings to light the uses of LEGOs in education as well as a brief history of Lego Bricks).

The Learning Power of LEGO

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  1. That’s a lovely infographic – I hadn’t seen it before. Did you come across the Bloomberg piece about the two-years of anthropological research that Lego did into how children play, in 2005? The big finding was that we’ve been seriously underrating the importance of gaining mastery in something by working at it for ages. I blogged about it (and Malcolm Gladwell’s 10,000 hours) here, if you’re interested:

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